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The main activities of the Institute and its branch is to render techno-economic and managerial consultancy in the field of Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Glass & Ceramic etc. trades to the existing as well as prospective entrepreneurs including training facilities under Entrepreneurship Development, Management Development and Skill Development Programmes.The other important activities of the Institute are conducting District Industrial Potential Survey, NSIC Registration, Joint Capacity Assessment, Export Promotion including training on Export Management & Packaging, participation in international trade fairs, dissemination of trade enquiries etc. Seminars/Workshops and awareness programmes are conducted on different themes like pollution control, energy conservation, WTO, IPR, ISO-9000 etc. .The Institute has also set up a Sub-Contract Exchange and conducts Vendor Development Programmes under ancillarisation programme. Besides technical and survey reports are prepared for the benefit of micro and small enterprises of Manipur.SSI the state.

Information & Facilitation

  •     Consultancy to prospective & existing entrepreneurs/units
  •     State Industrial Profile
  •     District Industrial Potential Surveys
  •     Project Profiles
  •     Training in Entrepreneurship & Management
  •     Common Facility Services
  •     Export promotion & Industrial Exhibition Abroad
  •     Assistance to Sick Units
  •     NSIC Registration & Capacity Assessment





Information & Facilitation
Prospective and existing entrepreneurs are welcome to MSME-DI, Imphal and Branch MSME-DI, Dimapur, Nagaland  for the following general information:-
Counselling & information provided to the prospective entrepreneurs :  how to set up a micro or small enterprises.
North East Industrial Investment Policy Package,2007.
Industrial Policies and Programme of the State Governments.

Legal Framework pertaining to MSMEs.
Information on filing of Entrepreneurs memorandum.
Information relating to the MSME Development Act,2006.
Credit flow to MSME”s.
Schemes of important organizations such as NSIC and SIDBI.
Schemes implemented by NEDFi. (Also visit : )
Guidelines and other information relating to PMEGP.
Access to list of items reserved for exclusive purchase from micro & small enterprises sector by Government Departments.
Access to statistics related to MSMEs
Information on Technology and marketing.

Information on WTO,ISO-9000,MNCP,IPR etc.

Consultancy to prospective & existing Entrepreneurs/Units.

Selection of product & Location

Selection of plant & machinery /Technology/

Consultancy to prospective & existing entrepreneurs/units

Consultancy to prospective entrepreneurs in –

  •     Selection of Product and Location
  •     Selection of Machinery / Technology
  •     Sources of Finance
  •     Marketing

Existing entrepreneurs are given Techno-Managerial Consultancy in –

  •     Plant, Machinery & Plant Layout
  •     Use of upgraded Manufacturing Technology/Design/Process
  •     Improvement in Tooling
  •     Improvement in Quality
  •     Product Development
  •     Consultancy for Diversification
  •     Managerial Capability Improvement
  •     Improvement in Marketing
  •     Sources of Finance

State Industrial Profile

Every Year the Industrial scenario is profiled in this Publication covering general features, infrastructure, resources, existing and prospective industries and policies in the jurisdictional States.
District Industrial Potential Surveys

Every year District Industrial Potential Surveys are prepared/updated focusing on resource base, infrastructure, existing industries and detailed analysis of products which are techno-economically viable in the identified districts in different parts of the State.
Project Profiles

Project Profiles help the small entrepreneurs in identifying the project to be taken up for production. These project profiles provide basic information, under broad industry groups, on introduction, market potential, basis and presumptions, quality control and standards, implementation schedule, technical aspects, financial aspects including analysis, addresses of machinery and equipment suppliers, etc. project profiles on more than 1000 different items are available with the institute for reference of the entrepreneurs.
Training in Entrepreneurship & Management

Industrial Motivational  Campaign(IMC)
The institute organizes one-day Industrial Campaigns in different parts of the State to motivate and encourage educated unemployed youths to set up MSE . The thrust given in Campaigns is on potentials Steps, Sources of Finance, Assistance Provided by other agencies and Prospective Industries.

Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)
It is a training course on entrepreneurship for a duration of 3 weeks. The focus is on rural and tiny entrepreneurs, weaker section and women. Participants are imparted knowledge about establishing of Micro & small enterprises and how to run it successfully.

Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme (ESDP)
These trainings are of 6 week duration with emphasis on development of technical skills in addition to managerial aspects of MSME”s.
Skill Development Programme (SDP)

In order to give hand on training to educated unemployed youths, the institute is conducting technical training programmes in such trades as machining, welding, computer hardware and software, embroidery & tailoring, Food processing etc. from time to time at a very nominal charges.

Management Development Programmes(MDP)
The courses under this programme are designed and conducted keeping in view the local conditions and needs of the target groups. The subjects covered include Industrial Management, specialized management subjects and techno managerial subjects, training programmes on Marketing, Working Capital Management, etc.

Export promotion & Industrial Exhibition Abroad

Participation in selected international exhibition is organized by MSME-DO to assist MSMEs in exhibiting their products without incurring any expenditure .Besides trainings are organized on export management and export packaging
Assistance to Sick Units:

Viability/Rehabilitation studies for sick MSE”s are conducted at minimal charges on  request of financial institutions.
NSIC Registration & Capacity Assessment:

MSME-DI,Imphal provides Marketing Assistance to the Micro and small enterprises through preferential purchase by the Central and State Purchase Organizations by registering them with NSIC. Units registered with NSIC  will be treated at par with the units registered with DGS&D for the purpose of awarding contracts.