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Entrepreneurs Memorandum

Consequent upon the enactment of MSME Development Act,2006,the system of registration granting provisional or permanent SSI registration has been simplified and replaced with the filing of Entrepreneurs Memorandum. Any person who intends to established a micro or small enterprise, at his/her discretion, or a medium enterprise engaged in providing or rendering of services may, at his discretion, or a medium enterprises engaged in manufacturing or production of goods shall file the entrepreneurs memorandum part I of micro, small or medium enterprises as the case may be, with the District Industries Center of its area. Once the above enterprise start production or start providing or rendering services, they should file part II of the entrepreneurs memorandum to the District Industries Center. In case of non filing of part II of the entrepreneurs memorandum within two years of the filing of part I, the memorandum (part I) filed by the entrepreneur will become invalid.

The prescribed Performa of Entrepreneurs Memorandum can be had from the respective District Industries Center(DIC) or can be download from